Building custom rifles to fit your specific needs with extreme precision.


Barrel burnt out or want to change to the latest cartridge? Need a scope mounted, a new stock or trigger installed?


Low profile ARCA-Swiss rails and shooting benches.

We Are Echelon Rifles

Whether you are looking to build an ultra-light mountain rifle, a competition rig, or spruce up an existing rifle, we can help. Using precise machining and aftermarket parts, we attain the utmost potential for accuracy and repeatability.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of services including stock modifications, rifle chambering, bottom metal conversions, bolt knob installations, action blueprinting, Cerakote application, precision scope mounting, and much more. Contact us to learn more about all the options you can choose from for your next rifle.

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Our Products

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CF Versa Ultralight Rifle Stock


Our Echelon Rifles exclusive carbon fiber rifle stock provides a relaxing vertical grip and full length forend in an ultra light package.  The body of the stock weighs less than 14 oz with a 13” length of pull.  The stock incorporates aluminum pillars and the inlet surfaces are molded carbon fiber fabric, not fillers.  This preserves stiffness and strength while significantly reducing weight.  Patent pending [Learn More]

Low Profile Arca Rail


Our low profile Arca Rails are almost half the thickness of a standard rail. This creates a more comfortable grip and limits snagging when shooting off a support. When mounted with a sling stud, it can accommodate a Harris style bipod under the rail. The rail’s configuration allows a rifle and bipod to be mounted on an Arca style tripod without removing the bipod. This provides a shooter with the best support for any given shot.

SimplyCool Barrel Cooler


The cooler’s design maximizes air flow and pressure and runs off any 5 V USB battery pack.  No need to worry about expensive, hard to find batteries. The fan runs whisper quite and cools a barrels in a minute.  A simple design at simply an affordable price.