CF Versa Stocks

Q. Your stocks are some of the lightest on the market.  Are they hollow? Are they durable? 

  • Our stocks have an integrated fiber structure that aids in stiffness and toughness. They are not hollow. One was run over by a car and was still ‘good to go’!


Q. How light will it be? 

  • Base weights of components are listed on the web page to help customers estimate final weights. Our stocks weigh between 15 to 17 oz depending on action length and sling accessories. We also use the minimum hardware required for accessory attachment. This provides significant weight savings over other manufacturers.


Q. I’m shooting a large magnum hunting rifle.  Do I need the Airtech pad or will the 0.9” Microcell pad be adequate?

  • If a recoil compensating device is used (brake or suppressor), the 1″ Microcell pad will be fine. If shooting without a recoil compensating device, or RUM sized cases, we recommend the Airtech for more comfort.


Q. How come the Tikka CF Versa stock weighs and costs more than the Remington version?

  • Currently, Tikka stocks include a factory recoil lug and other default add ins.  If these features were added to the Remington stock, they would be equal both in weight and price.

SimplyCool Barrel Coolers

Q. What power supply do I need?

  • Any 5v USB power pack will do but you can also use a phone with USB adapter. A 12,000 mAh power pack will provide enough power to run a fan for two and a half days of use.

Carbon Fiber Arca Rails

Q. Are the rails solid plastic? Are they durable?

  • No, they have a hollow matrix structure for maximum weight reduction. They can accommodate every day wear and tear and light drops.


Q. I bought one of your carbon fiber arca rails and it flexes a bit.  Is that normal?

  • We recommend using the carbon fiber rails on stocks with flat bottoms. Most stocks are rounded which may allow rotational flex. To rule out user-induced flex, the tripod head and rifle system should be aligned to the target and then secured. This procedure will also aid to maximize shooting precision.

Gunsmithing Services

Q. I want my rifle’s barrel threaded.  Do I need to bring in the whole rifle?

  • No, we only need the barreled action. If you are planning to ship us your rifle, stripping it down to the barreled action will significantly reduce shipping costs.


Q. Do I need to clean my rifle before bringing it in for gunsmithing work?

  • We recommend bring the rifle in cleaned of carbon and copper fouling.  Machining operations require a clean metal surface. We charge a minimum of $25 to clean a barrel/rifle if it is in an unclean state.


Q. How much time should I expect a custom rifle build to take?

  • The process of picking and ordering parts varies but with the current market, it can be up to a year to source customized parts. Off the shelf options are limited. Planning your build with us will help.


Q. I want to build a custom rifle.  Should I source the parts or let Echelon Rifles source?

  • Choosing and picking parts is part of the fun of a custom rifle. Either way of sourcing parts is acceptable but the final selection of parts should be coordinated with us to verify fit and function prior to purchase.