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Rifle barrels are heated through the course of continuous fire. Excessive heat causes point of impact (POI) shifts and excessive barrel wear. Point of impact shifts occurs in as little as 4 to 5 shots on standard sporting rifles. The heat generated from each shot is cumulative which requires additional cooling.

An ambient cooling method to keep the barrel cool between shots is to wait 4 minutes. Waiting between shots requires the shooter to rebuild the position for each shot. This prevents the shooter from maintaining consistency throughout the course of fire. The optimal way to achieve maximum precision is to maintain the shooting position through the duration of the group. The downside is waiting 10 to 15 minutes after each group to cool the barrel. Heavy barrels use mass to increase the shot count before experiencing POI shifts. However, more heated mass means a longer cool down. Ambient cooling methods mean less time shooting and more time waiting.

Using the SimplyCool will maximize precision shooting time. It cools so quickly that it eliminates waiting between shots and reduces wait times after groups to a few minutes. The SimplyCool saves ammunition by preventing the shooter from chasing POI shifts and poor groupings during zeroing and reloading development. It maximizes the rifle and shooter system. The simply cool saves time, ammunition and maximizes a rifle’s performance.

Product description:

The cooler’s design maximizes air flow and pressure. A simple design at simply an affordable price. The fan runs from a 5V USB connector. A rechargeable USB battery pack runs a cooler all day. It can even be powered directly from your phone!  No need to worry about expensive, hard to find batteries. Multiple coolers can be run off a single battery pack.

The SimplyCool barrel cooler is a must have in every gear bag.

Choose between single duct sets, full set of 3, or individual components

Product Features:

  •  Three sizes of removable ducts: 5.56, Standard/Magnum and Lapua bolt faces.
  • A high static flow fan provides the required air to push through longer barrels and suppressors
  • Whisper quite operation
  • Made with additive manufacturing
  • Orange option may be used as a chamber flag
  • Fan body size is 3 inches x 3 inches x 1 inch

5.56 Duct Compatibility*

  • Small bolt face diameter 0.384” +/-
  • 5.56 NATO, .233 Rem.
  • .222 Remington, .204 Ruger
  • 22 Nosler

Standard/Mag Duct Compatibility*

  • Standard bolt face diameter 0.470” +/-
  • 308 Win., 243 Win., 22-250 Win.
  • 6mm and 6.5mm Creedmoor
  • 270, 30-06, .284 Win.
  • Magnum bolt face diameter 0.540” +/-
  • 6.5 PRC, 300 PRC
  • 28 Nosler
  • 300 Win. Mag., 7mm Rem. Mag., WSM and SAUM families
  • 300 RUM, 338 RUM

Lapua Duct Compatibility*

  • Lapua bolt face diameter 0.585” +/-
  • 338 Lapua Mag.
  • 300 and 338 Norma Mag.
  • 338/378 Weatherby
  • 416 Rigby

*List is provided as an example

Best practices:

Run cooler for 1 to 2 minutes between 3 round groups. Run 3 minutes or more for 5 shot groups.

SimplyCool Barrel Cooler


The cooler’s design maximizes air flow and pressure and runs off any 5 V USB battery pack.  No need to worry about expensive, hard to find batteries. The fan runs whisper quite and cools a barrels in a minute.  A simple design at simply an affordable price.

USB Extension Cables (3′)


USB male to USB female 3-foot long extension cables for extending the stock cord on the SimplyCool barrel cooler. Great while using multiple coolers of one power pack, for rifles leaning up on the rack or tricky shooting positions. Product image may vary slightly from item shipped.

USB Power Packs


Generic 10,000 mAh USB power pack for powering the SimplyCool barrel coolers. A pack can run a cooler for over two days or two fans for an entire day plus charge your phone! Power packs have a charging USB C and micro USB port and two out USB ports. Product image may vary slightly from item shipped.


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